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Applicants for SRO membership

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Спасибо за обращение. Мы свяжемся в вами в ближайшее время

According to 315-FZ and the Urban Development Code, since January 2010, the compulsory condition for execution of civil works is the availability of the Certificate for admission to relevant works. It can be received only becoming a member of self-regulated organization.

Noncommercial partnership Self-Regulated Organization ‘Regional Association of Construction Organizations’ (NP SRO ‘ROSO’) is a self-regulated organization based on the membership of entities carrying out civil construction works. Any legal entity, including foreign ones or self-employed entrepreneurs, can become a member of our Partnership, receive the certificate for admission to works and carry out its activities on the whole territory of the Russian Federation.

The procedure of entering the Partnership and receiving the certificate for admission to works is regulated by Provisions of membership in NP SRO ‘ROSO’ and by the Standard of Requirements for issuing certificates for admission to works, which affect the safety of capital construction objects approved by the general meeting of our members. These Provisions and Requirements have been developed on the basis existing statutory acts of the Russian Federation.

For entering our SRO and receiving the admission to works, it is necessary:

  1. To pay the entrance fee (10 000 rubles), monthly membership fees (5 000 rubles), indemnification fund fee (minimum fee to the indemnification fund is 300 000 rubles), and to familiarize oneself with NP SRO ‘ROSO’ fees payment system.
  2.  To submit documents confirming the conformity to Requirements for issuing the certificate (copies of foundation documents, application for membership with annexes and copies of documents confirming availability of required number of specialists, their education, qualifications and experiences). Application should be signed by the manager of the organization and confirmed by the seal thereof.

List of necessary documents for SRO membership:

  • Application with annexes
  • Information of available property
  • Copies of the Primary State Registration Number (OGRN) and personal tax reference number (INN)
  • Copy of the last version of the organization charter
  • Copy of the decision for creation of the organization
  • Copy of the decision for appointment of the organization manager
  • Copy of the founders decision about NP SRO ‘ROSO’ membership
  • Liability Insurance Contract and the policy thereof
  • Copies of managers’ and specialists’ diplomas
  • Copies of certificates of improvement of professional skills
  • Copies of Rostechnadzor attestation certificates at applying for works at on especially dangerous, technically difficult and nuclear facilities
  • Copies of specialists’ employment record book or extracts thereof
  • Copies of licenses if declared kinds of works are subject to licensing
  • Copy of the certificate for admission to works in other SRO the same type, if available

Dear members of NP SRO ‘ROSO’, applicants for joining NP SRO ‘ROSO’ and partners of NP SRO ‘ROSO’! In connection with frequent cases of abusing the freedom of speech, managers of some information portals concerning self-regulation and informal sites of other self-regulation organizations, and also of ignoring of legal requirements to inadmissibility of distribution of the discrediting information not true to reality, we would ask you not to take into consideration such information in relation of our Partnership.

Information located on the official NP SRO ‘ROSO’ site corresponds to facts, and the Partnership is responsible for this information.

Furthermore, we would recommend to take into consideration only the information located on our official sites, i.e., http://www.gosnadzor.ru (Rostechnadzor official site) and http://www.nostroy.ru/ (Official site of National Constructors Association).