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Indemnification Fund of NP SRO ‘ROSO’ is formed on the basis of fees transferred by the members of the Partnership, and by profit obtained from the use of funds and investments to the Indemnification Fund of NP SRO ‘ROSO’.

The Indemnification Fund (information about the indemnification fund equity) for 01 July 2014 amounts to: 685 500 000 RUR.

Information about the Indemnification Fund equity:

In view of preservation and funs-rising of NP SRO ‘ROSO’s Indemnification Fund, its means are placed in deposits and depositary certificates of Russian credit organizations, with a compulsory condition that, if needed, payments from the Fund shall be returned using NP SRO ‘ROSO’ assets within the terms not exceeding ten working days.

So far, no payments from NP SRO ‘ROSO’ Indemnification Fund have been made.

Dear members of NP SRO ‘ROSO’, applicants for joining NP SRO ‘ROSO’ and partners of NP SRO ‘ROSO’! In connection with frequent cases of abusing the freedom of speech, managers of some information portals concerning self-regulation and informal sites of other self-regulation organizations, and also of ignoring of legal requirements to inadmissibility of distribution of the discrediting information not true to reality, we would ask you not to take into consideration such information in relation of our Partnership.

Information located on the official NP SRO ‘ROSO’ site corresponds to facts, and the Partnership is responsible for this information.

Furthermore, we would recommend to take into consideration only the information located on our official sites, i.e., http://www.gosnadzor.ru (Rostechnadzor official site) and http://www.nostroy.ru/ (Official site of National Constructors Association).