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What gives the SRO membership?

The company joining the SRO will carry its activities within the legal field. It will raise the level of trust from partners and clients, open up new prospects in business development, including, possibility of working with state orders. Moreover, self-regulated organizations will reliably provide information support of their members, including legal support, and help in resolution of disputable situations.


What gives the NP SRO ‘ROSO’ membership?

While performing its SRO functions, ‘ROSO’ also:

Aspires to mutual understanding

  • While making contacts and communicating, we are not only communicating not with companies, but also with real people. Our employees are ready at any time to consult you promptly, operatively, and comprehensively both by phone, e-mail, and at personal meeting in the office.

Prompt operation

  • We establish for ourselves rigid terms of works with documents for each joining company, and try never to reach the deadline.

Permanent development

  • Our employees regularly increase their knowledge in professional and adjacent spheres, learning both collectively and individually.

    We co-operate with different educational institutions so that our members should have a possibility of choosing educational programs for re-training and improvement of professional skills. We also organize different conferences and seminars at which time our members can receive new knowledge, discuss new technologies and up-to-date solutions.

Making contacts

  • We assist in searching contacts and support interaction among our members, promote the realization of their joint projects, and we promote their exit to new markets, including the international markets.

Maintaining permanent level of membership fees

  • Companies-members of our SRO differ in number, scopes of works and income levels, so we have developed the system not assuming any additional payments, but for monthly membership fees established at the minimum level in the country

Prompt responding to Law changes

  • We are constantly co-operating with state authorities, and we first receive information about any changes in existing Law.

Participating in development of standards for integrated assessment of construction projects

  • Together with our partners, we develop algorithms for optimization of ecological indicators, energy efficiency, and projects economic efficiency.

According to the last questioning, more than 42% of the companies joined NP SRO ‘ROSO’ by recommendations of their business partners. We are inspired by this high indicator, and are aiming at active and effective work.

Dear members of NP SRO ‘ROSO’, applicants for joining NP SRO ‘ROSO’ and partners of NP SRO ‘ROSO’! In connection with frequent cases of abusing the freedom of speech, managers of some information portals concerning self-regulation and informal sites of other self-regulation organizations, and also of ignoring of legal requirements to inadmissibility of distribution of the discrediting information not true to reality, we would ask you not to take into consideration such information in relation of our Partnership.

Information located on the official NP SRO ‘ROSO’ site corresponds to facts, and the Partnership is responsible for this information.

Furthermore, we would recommend to take into consideration only the information located on our official sites, i.e., http://www.gosnadzor.ru (Rostechnadzor official site) and http://www.nostroy.ru/ (Official site of National Constructors Association).